I Got This! - Everyday Emergency Candles, 4 Pack
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I Got This! - Everyday Emergency Candles, 4 Pack

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Life is a bumpy road. Tap your inner superhero and leap over those bumps with verve, wit, and style.

“I Got This" candles tackle your normal emergency candle situation such as: There go the freakin’ lights! / Instant romance for first date jitters / Camping with a dead flashlight / Cookout on a small patio with a tiny table / A picnic in the park at midnight / No make-up, no problem / A long bath in dim light / Post-Apocalypse ambiance... to name a few!

Lightly scented with a trusty sandalwood - a superhero scent if there ever was one.

Product Information:
Pack of 4.
Each has a 24 hour burn time.
Materials: Vegetable wax, cotton wick and aluminium can.
Hand made in the USA.