Lavender, Bee Pollen, Rose Petal
Spring & Mulberry

Lavender, Bee Pollen, Rose Petal

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A fragrant trio of wild lavender, bee pollen, and hand-picked rose petals come together with the richness of our dark chocolate to create a soothing, subtly sweet treat reminiscent of spring.

- Sweetened only with dates
- Made with direct-trade cacao

- 0g Added Sugar
- Organic, Wherever Possible
- Plant-Based
- Female-Founded

Key Facts
- Size: 3.0oz
- Shelf-Life: 12 months

Ingredient List
- Organic Suhum Cacao Beans
- Organic Dates
- Organic Cacao Butter
- Organic Wild Lavender
- Organic Bee Pollen
- Organic Rose Petals