Superfrau Peach Mango

Superfrau Peach Mango

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Meet peach mango. Down-to-earth, no bs. The perfect balance of sweetness and tartness. Light and refreshing taste.
Vibe: great as a pick-me-up when the afternoon slump hits. Or as a jump start for your day. Loaded with the full spectrum of electrolytes to keep you hydrated longer. Better hydration for better skin. No sugar spike or crash. Sustained energy and focus. Packed with vitamins like b12 for mood. With a fine fizz, not overbearing bubbles.  
Tasting notes: peach-forward. Tangy twist. Smooth mango finish.
Not too tart. Not too sweet.  Perfect for: quick refresher, pick-me-up, focus, mock/cocktails mixer, fizzy fun ingredients: fresh whey (contains milk), natural flavors, citric acid, lactase enzyme, annatto extract (for color).

- full-spectrum electrolytes
- small batch brew
- b-12 natural energy boost
- supports gut health
- enhances mood
- natural ingredients flavors
- no added sugar
- upcycled for the planet.