Short Path Hibiscus Rum
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Short Path Hibiscus Rum

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A rich New England spirit with a fresh, fruity twist. Hibiscus Rum is crafted in handmade copper pot stills using organic blackstrap molasses. The addition of dried lemon peel and hibiscus flowers enhance its earthy rum body with tangy fruit notes to create a bright, versatile spirit well suited for cocktails.

Hibiscus Rum was inspired by a cocktail we created at our bar back in 2016 called Hibiscus Rush. The cocktail combined our white Rum, lemon, hibiscus tea syrup, and club soda. We loved how the sharp floral and citrus flavors of hibiscus and lemon complimented the round earthy character of our white rum. We set ourselves on a mission to turn a cocktail into a spirit, and succeeded!

Hibiscus Rum was officially released in August of 2016. It was originally branded as “Rosid”, which is the subclass of angiosperms to which the hibiscus flower belongs. To eliminate any potential confusion or mispronunciation of the name, we re-branded the spirit as Hibiscus Rum in early 2020.

How It’s Made
Hibiscus Rum starts with organic blackstrap molasses, which has the highest amount of vitamins and minerals. This keeps the yeast in tip top shape and produces a more flavorful rum.

We let Hibiscus Rum ferment for one week, which is quite a long fermentation period. This allows for more complex and flavorful compounds to develop in the fermentation process.

The spirit is then distilled twice in our Charantais, direct-fire copper pot still. It’s then macerated with lemon peels, re-distilled, and proofed with hibiscus tea (10% sugar by weight).