South 40 Snacks Giant Sized Sunflower Seeds

South 40 Snacks Giant Sized Sunflower Seeds

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Giant Sized Sunflower Seeds + Salt.

We have a unique varietal of imported sunflower seed is naturally much larger and has a distinct, delicious, nutty flavor compared to our competitors.

Supply chain:

These days, many companies throw around terms like ‘sustainability,’ ‘fair trade,’ ‘ethical sourcing,’ and more. But how impactful are these words? How legitimate? Do consumers really understand their meaning?

At South 40 Snacks, we hope to develop a new type narrative about our supply chain and will always strive to be 100% transparent about our ingredients and products.

We work directly with our farmer partner Avi to source the world's largest and tastiest seeds.

We’re not just buying commodities from an importer, broker or processor. Instead, we have a deep supply chain partnership that, as we expand beyond sunflower seeds, allows us to identify the world’s best ingredients and develop trusting relationships with our farmers,