Wine Bar @ Home: Funky Bubbles
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Wine Bar @ Home: Funky Bubbles

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It’s the moment we’ve been waiting for. A Love Child WINE CLUB. Oh yes, bb. The secret to life is to always keep learning, and why not just let that learning include wine? At Love Child we’ve carefully curated a selection of wines that we’re oh-so-proud to share with you. Along with your 4 bottles of wine, each month you’ll receive the following:

  • 4 bottles of some of our favorite sparkling wine
  • Detailed tasting notes
  • Food pairings and suggestions: warning pairings will likely be our favorite take out spots
  • The stories behind the bottles and winemakers
  • How to Have Good Taste in Booze: A Love Child manual to drinking like a pro.

Disclaimer: The wines pictured may not be the wines in your order, however you can trust that we'll be featuring incredible producers making some really delicious wines.